2217 Tuna in Spicy Bali Sauce

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The product is inspired by the Balinese cuisines. It combines a long list of spices include garlic, shallot, ginger, and curcuma. Adding the heat of red chilis, the sweetness of palm sugar, and the sour of lemongrass and tamarind that wonderfully create a distinct Asian flavour sauce.

Always great with: Bread and Steamed Rice.
Also Nice As:
Glutinous Rice Side Dish, and Cheese Omelette’s Topping.

Product Composition : Red meat tuna (46,9%), chili (17,4%), soybean oil, shallot, garlic, palm sugar, tomato paste, candle nut, basil leaves (1,3%), sugar, salt, tamarind, lemongrass, curcuma, ginger, lime leaves (no flavour enhancer and no preservative).

The products are prepared and cooked with a stringent sealing & sterilization process to ensure the tuna fish is ready to eat straight from the can.

Use them in your favourite recipes or have them alone.


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