2217 Tuna in Kampong Fried Rice Sauce

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Because of Indonesia’s Nasi Goreng (fried rice) was voted #2 at CNN Reader’s Choice:
World’s Best Food (2017), and the taste of fried rice is well loved and cherished all around Asia, so we tried to incorporate the exquisite taste of fried rice into our canned tuna and the result is just delicious!
Simply add steamed rice to our tuna in Kampoeng Fried Rice sauce, stir well on a hot pan, and enjoy your dish!

This product is always great with: 
Rice, Porridge, and Bread
Christa Tuna Fried Rice
Tuna on Porridge

Also perfect for:
Pastries or Dumpling’s Fillings
Tuna Fried Rice Wonton
Bao Tuna Fried Rice

Product Composition : Tuna (37,5%), soybean oil, chili, onion, brown sugar, garlic, salt, fish sauce, sugar.

The products are prepared and cooked with a stringent sealing & sterilization process to ensure the tuna fish is ready to eat straight from the can.

Use them in your favourite recipes or have them alone.

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