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The sensation of the chewiness and sweetness from tapioca pearls has made the trend for boba drinks and desserts increase. Boba 30 Minutes from Delifru is made from real tapioca flour and processed with modern technology to create premium quality boba with luscious taste. Add boba topping from Boba 30 Minutes Delifru to make your customers fall in love with the menu from your Food and Beverage business.

Delifru provides a variety of syrups, powdered drinks and toppings with the best quality, suitable for all your needs. All of our products use 100% pure sugar & real fruit extracts, and have obtained Halal, BPOM & PIRT certificates so that our products quality is guaranteed.

Try it now & enjoy the freshness of Delifru!

Interested in customized syrup, powder drink, toppings or other beverage ingredients for your restaurant/cafe/store at an affordable price? Contact us via chat now!

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